Noble 911 Services

Our Roots

Noble 911 Services is an Oregon based company, founded in March 2013 on a mission to provide the best 9-1-1 telecommunications service available to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Our collaborative and innovative approach to serving 9-1-1 agencies is backed up with our All Star team of veteran professionals.

With over 100 National deployments, our team has engineers some of the most complex call taking solutions - while remaining on the cutting edge of evolving technologies. Our experience allows your agency to be more efficient, while we prepare ourselves as ‘first responders’ to the technology we support. Whether we’re delivering a new system, remote call taking capabilities, or PSAP evacuations - Noble 911 is a force multiplier for your agency.

Noble 911 is the only Oregon based company that exclusively offers solutions for 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point. While our PSAP family grows, we remain committed to serving your agency with a level of passion and care that is equal to the services you offer your communities.

Our Team:

Joel Palanuk
Peggy Root
Perry Pattison
David Ehlinger
Helen O'daniel
Melissa Robertson
Sheila Thompson
Clay Johnson