Noble 911 Services

Gold Line Protection

Noble 911 Services highlights our portfolio of products and services dedicated to supporting dispatchers with Gold Line Protection. Dispatchers represent the thin gold line in the first responder shield, and Noble 911 protects the thin Gold Line with support of technology, and dispatcher well being.

Call Taking Products:

VESTA Solutions from Motorola
VIPER Solutions from Intrado

Enhancements to Existing Systems:

Conversion to Next Generation 9-1-1
Implementation of Text to 9-1-1
Call taking from alternate locations & mobility solutions
Adding call taking positions
System monitoring
System consultation

Gold Line Wellness Training:

Noble 911 Services now offers the first customized dispatch training program focused on embracing the challenges of our First, First Responders. Our Gold Line Wellness program is focused on retaining valued dispatchers under the increasing demands and complexities of their environment. This training allows dispatchers to incorporate practical application tools for diet, exercise, and stress response training in the workplace - and at home.

Wellness training focused on supporting healthy dispatchers
Daily training delivered virtually, followed up with onsite coaching
Noble 911 coaching staff allows for personalized support
Focused on creating healthy daily habits at work and at home
Quarterly goal oriented support
Two week online training program
Quarterly coaching to ensure staff stays on track with goals